Spaghetti Stiletto by SoleSensations ... oh STOP IT! UGH! OR octopus dreams, hey deal with this.

Leopard print | Stiletto | High Heel | Print

I don't know what to say!

Just WAAAAAy to cool

Slitherin' stilettos ~ <3 *-*

Fish shoes!!

We love this peacock style shoe. We think this is would be a perfect shoe for a masquerade style party!

Not sure I would ever wear these, unless I took a job teaching preschool. But I like the idea that they exist.

Octopus-Inspired Stilettos

Star Studded Stilettos

keith haring & nicholas kirkwood.

Regilla ⚜ The House of Borgezie

A high-heel stiletto shoe that converts into a flat. Cool idea; not so sure about the execution...

mop the floors while you're at it

LEGO Stilettos by Finn Stone

Laura Pinto Coelho - Find 150+ Top Online Shoe Stores via

Super-platforms from the world's largest shoe collection at the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery

Elie Saab heel (ignore the heading, it's wrong)

Sparkle flops