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  • Diane Pennestri

    Bulldog puppy!! This is adorable and the way he is sitting for this photo is great. Just so pretty and so cute. For sure this is man's best friend~

  • Melissa Mongogna

    Cute english bulldog puppy #englishbulldog #dog #bulldog #animals #pet #puppy

  • Barbara Champagne

    Baby Bulldog #pet #puppy #dog #bulldog #animals

  • Jimmie Stone

    Cute little bull dog puppy standing on the floor... (click on picture to see more) #animals

  • Joanna Morton

    ADORABLE English Bulldog Puppy

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give this puppy 2 likes if he is cute and you want him.share if you want to save this puppy from the cold.

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From the size of "my" leash ~ they must expect me to grow REALLY big !