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Girlpower is about loving yourself and having confidence and strength from within so even when you are not wearing a sexy outfit you feel sexy. Be proud of who you are ladies! #beauty #confidence #sexy #behappy #love #faith by savannahprez

When the days between Christmas and NY blend into one time of staying in your pyjamas cuddling babies crocheting and drinking coffee. Last year at this time I was almost ready to have my baby I remember this time as painful beautiful and surprisingly calm. Women around me built such confidence in my body to birth a baby and for that I am forever grateful. #ittakesavillage #girlgang #girlpower Instagram inspiration

Quotes: Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Strong, Be Fit, Be You

It needs to stop. I was looking for weight loss motivation on Instagram and I typed in #weightloss and all of these results came up with girls who are so excited about losing weight by starving themselves and from there, I found a lot of them are cutting themselves and stuff. What kind of world do we live in where we think that's okay?

First winter day and this morning I was doing some #fitness exercises in the garden! Mad weather for sure... but I loved the sun! . #ladiesfirst #fit #girlpower #sixs #jump #gym #outdoorlife #outdoorisfree #follow4follow #like4like #girl #pink #me #body #running #leggings

25 Life-Changing Quotes From Feminist Instagram Poet Rupi Kaur

throughout this month. in honour of i will share some poems inspired by the resilient. intelligent. and magnetic women around me. may you persevere. through the lightest and darkest hour.

25 Life-Changing Quotes From Feminist Instagram Poet Rupi Kaur

These 25 strong woman quotes by Instagram poet Rupi Kaur will make you look at feminism in a whole new light.