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Dogs are a Gift that most don't Deserve

They ask for little and deserve so much.

Sooooo true! Our fur babies deserve to be a part of the family. Always :-)

War Dog Memorial - Dover, NH. Man's best friend deserve's a hero's recognition for his/her front line service.

Dogs have wisdom, That I never learned, Give me friendship, That I never earned, They give me love, And never reserve it, I’ll do my very best, To try and deserve it. quote and design by http://www.aplacetolovedogs.com/tag/quotes/ #quotes #friendship #inspirational


for the love of dogs

nothing like dog love

♥ #dogs


Dog love!




I Will Never Be As Cool As That Dog

Let it go. You will never break my family apart. Create your own happiness and stop trying to bring us down. I hope one day you fall in love with someone who has a child and the mother gives you double what you give me. God is good and he will give you what you deserve. I'm praying for you. You need it way more than I do.


Cute dog.

this is why i need two dogs!

Love my dogs

Ah! I love dogs.