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  • Linda Lipkey

    Edna Carby shared Funny Status Updates, Daily Quotes, Words Of Inspiration And More's photo - Inbox - Yahoo! Mail

  • Jango Zombiefighter

    This is TRUTH like a STONE. I wish I were the man my Doggies believe me to be, and I struggle and strive to be TRULY deserving of the LOVE and ADORATION they so freely give to me. Please fight for our Furry Friends, fight cruelty and abuse in ALL its many forms. Be a VOICE for those who can't speak, HEAR those who aren't heard, and fight for those who can't defend themselves. It is our DUTY to oppose cruelty and abuse. Be the Champion for Good that I believe YOU are!!

  • Laura Walker

    dog quotes...:)

  • Cheryl Anne Groth

    All of my dogs (most of them German Shepherd Dogs) have been gifts I do not deserve.

  • lilibeth sanchez

    Dogs are a gift most of us don't deserve! My pets are my life and I try to give them the best of life yet.

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unconditional love. Thats all they live for, small pat on the head from their human they are so happy!!

Awww :( here to find out more

Every Dog Deserves a Home Not Every Home Deserves a Dog

True! They know much better and faster than I of whom is good at heart and who doesn't have one!

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the difference between cats and dogs! dogs care more :P ♥ cats dont give a damn :)

I don't care where we go. I'm happy as long as I'm with you.... pet love is true love Neiko!!!

21 Dogs Who Don't Realize How Big They Are. It will make you smile. :)

Baha!! That is definitely how I would handle someone asking me that because I probably like my dog more than you.

I agree with this fully. I've also seen what can happen when the owner does this procedure himself. Don't be cruel take them to a vet if you decide to do this.