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I wish Quiet had been written years ago. I saw myself on every page. Cain spends time delving into how extroversion has seeped into our churches, schools, economy, and work environments. She profiles well-known introverts and shows how their introversion helped them in their calling. She also interviews a bevy of experts and every day folks. The result is compelling.

Alexander’s historical novel 'The Kitchen Boy' swept readers back to the doomed world of the Romanovs. His latest masterpiece once again conjures those turbulent days in a fictional drama of extraordinary depth & suspense. In the wake of the Russian Revolution, Maria Rasputin—eldest of the Rasputin children—recounts her infamous father’s final days, a narrative of intrigue, excess & conspiracy that reveals the shocking truth of her father’s end & the identity of those who arranged it.

COD A biography of the fish that changed the world. By Mark Kurlansky More information than you needed to know about how the cod fish changed history.

If Your Dream Doesn't Scare You, It Isn't Big Enough: A Solo Journey Around the World:Amazon:Kindle Store

The Better Angels of Our Nature by Steven Pinker - I was reading an AMA by Bill Gates on Reddit earlier and he said the following when asked about his favorite book "My favorite of the last decade is Pinker's Better Angels of our Nature. It is long but profound look at the reduction in violence and discrimination over time."