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Redheart Plum — Grow your own deep-red skinned plums with bright red flesh. Great for jams, sauces and chutneys. Zones 5-9. Needs pollinator.

Toka Plum - Zone 3, need 2 for fruit - Toka, also known as Bubblegum Plum, is one of the best pollinatiors of all the plums. The skin is reddish bronze, with richly flavored, spicy sweet, apricot-colored flesh.This hardy tree is moderately vigorous and produces heavy crops that ripen in late August into September. Clingstone. Hardy to -40°

Heartnut — Also known as the Japanese Walnut. Produces clusters of easy-to-shell, heart-shaped, sweet and meaty nuts high in protein. Zones 5-8. Plant two or more for pollination and nut production.

Stark® SugarSweet Pear — Outstanding sweet taste and texture, winning "best-tasting pear" with Stark Bro's employees. Zones 5-7. Needs pollinator.

WineCrisp™ Apple — Great flavor and easy to grow (disease-resistant to scab, fire blight, and powdery mildew)! Originates in Illinois circa 1968. Zones 4-8. Needs pollinator.

Plum 'Victoria' - A reliable, self-fertile plum which produces a heavy crop of large, pale red fruit with golden-yellow flesh, which can be used for cooking, canning, bottling or just eating fresh.

CandyCrisp® Apple — Thought to be a descendant of Red Delicious. Disease-resistant & keeps well in proper storage. Zones 4-7. Needs pollinator.

Stark® SweetHeart™ Apricot — Grow big, delicious apricots with a second treat of delicious almond-like kernels inside the pit. Do not mix your Stark® SweetHeart™ kernels with the kernels of other apricots or peaches; almost all others are not edible. Zones 5-8. Self-pollinating.