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bookcase with wallpaper lining

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Simple {and Cheap} DIY Bookcase Makeover!

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Simple {and cheap} DIY Bookcase Makeover!...I'm going to do this with one of our old bookshelves. Just have to find the right paper for background.

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Bedroom: Take out the bottom drawer(s), and wallpaper the inside. I love the way this looks! Not this wallpaper or color for me though.

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Paint inside of drawers a bold color - love this for an old dresser!

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Add feet and wallpaper to a cheap bookcase - must do. would be nice to do in the FR on the toy shelves as the kids transition from a ton of toys and we weed out.....










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Patterned wallpaper on the back of a bookshelf

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4'x8' foam insulation boards from Home Depot covered in damask fabric = gorgeous DIY upholstered wall hangings. Clever!






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Love This


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Use an old shutter to hold mail, photos, etc.

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Putting foam board with wallpaper on back of bookshelf... change out when you get bored. Why did I not think of this?!

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Add feet and wallpaper to a cheap bookcase.

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Re-purposed bookshelf to bench....bookshelf for the nursery and a window seat that you have always wanted

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Bookshelf closet door -- genius! >> truly!

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Cute shelves!

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Crate Storage Bookshelf bookcase @ DIY Home Ideas, id like this except screwed into the wall up off the floor enough that the kids can't reach!

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WALL with a double window built-in seat & shelving & crisp

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Cheap bookcases in closet for shoe rack! GENIUS!! Why am I obsessed with shoes?!