The Early Finisher Board consists of seven sections: Read It, Write It, Solve It, Make It, Do It, Draw It and Journal It. Each section consists of a fun activity that students can take to their desk and complete.

*52* Task Cards for Early Finishers! Rather than have your students work on "busy work," engage them with these Early Finisher task cards. With many different types of tasks that cover Bloom's and tap into the different learning styles of children, these task cards will provide you with weeks worth of answers to the question "I'm done. What do I do?" All you need to do is print the task cards and sent your students off to work and have fun...No other supplies necessary!

If you teach elementary you MUST get this 'early finishers' board via TPT. It provides you with a FULL YEAR'S WORTH of printable activities to display. It is differentiated by learning style so students can pick and choose meaningful activities to do when they get done with their work. It revolutionized my classroom this year! She has various grade levels available!!

Teachers Notebook- Early Finisher activities

Good idea!

Games for students who finish work early

CHOICE BOARD: Assignments for early finishers. This is great especially for 5th grade with the 1:1 iPads

Perfect solution for group supplies----What a GREAT idea! This blog has a TON of smart ideas for organizing your classroom. {Your Teacher's Aide}

Math Task Cards for Early Finishers. Engage and Challenge your early finishers with these twenty details, multi-problem Early Finisher task cards! Your students will love completing these cards when they have finished their work or as extra enrichment. You can also use them task cards in math centers. The possibilities are endless! $

Size Sorting Busy Bag - Small, Medium and Large Sorting

Brain Bubbles - Idea for Early Finishers

KETCHUP folder: When students are absent, place a "ketchup folder" on their desk and slide their missed assignments inside the folder throughout the day.

This is how the gifted student feels; once an assignment is done there is an expectation for something to come next.

SO awesome! Fun classroom ideas for cultivating a positive culture of praise and encouragement!

good idea for early finishers

I want to do this for my desk

These Home Depot aprons are only 77 cents and make for great desk organizers when tied around a chair. | 29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

Response journals for writing time, during Daily 5, or when students are done with their work. Check out this new blog: Hoppy Teaching 2nd Grade

Complete a bucket filler/ bucket dipper list after reading the book during 1st week of school. Post on wall for the year.

Visual chore chart, not in pockets but a board with Velcro and student name cards

Early Finisher Board - I don't teach Elem, but my kids are "early finishers".... Therefore, I like the ideas :) Would make for some fun at home activities too :)