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  • Rebecca Velasquez

    plastic wrap "yarn ball"

  • Kurt Weber

    Tape Ball Game! Wrap candy in layers of saran wrap to form a large ball. One kid gets to peel back the layers to get the candy until the next person can roll a double on a pair of dice. Then it's their turn to unwrap for candy. It's a mad dash for sugar!

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Candy Ball Game - wrap 75 pieces of candy in layers and layers of shrink wrap, pass it around, one person unwrapping while the person to their left tries to roll a pair of matching dice, when they roll a double, they get to start unwrapping, at the end have a funny toy in the middle like jingle bells or chattering teeth.

Candy Ball Game by : Sounds like great fun ! To make the candy ball:I used about 75 pieces/ packages of candy. I used all sizes and types. To start the ball, I used a large jingle bell elf as the center. (It was fun for the kids to hear the jingle inside as they pulled off layer after layer. The closer they got to the center, the louder the bell jingled)I wrapped it in bubble wrap and taped it with packing tape.Then I pl...

Candy Ball Game for big kids - jingle bell at the center, wrap with layers of bubble wrap, candy, packing plastic, tape. To play - kids in circle, one kid tries to unwrap candy till another kid rolls doubles with dice, pass to the left for another turn. Rolling doubles with the dice acts as a timer for each turn.

bags for the pinata and candy ball game. I then stapled it up and sent it home with them.

For all the parents with cute little toddlers running around. You probably remember making this as a child, and now it's time for you to make it with your child. Enjoy ♥

Red mitten gift tags warm hearts and brighten hopes for a white Christmas. Cut from construction paper, stuffed with tissue, and stitched with a zigzag, these pint-sized tags will look just as adorable hung on the tree.

Creative crafting~ Turn candy into fun cars for party favors~ great for Pinewood Derby! Cub Scout winner awards

by Kathleen Ballos I have a huge sweet tooth, so it is near impossible for me to resist a good candy...