Can someone please make a tutorial for this totally awesome, totally crazy faux hawk? Must rock hair rings soon. (via Angelo Seminara)

O'Natural Craze! Bundle of 10-15 feathers! $19.99 for 15-20 feathers and tools!!

I like the feather extension thing, but I've heard the process of getting the feathers is kinda cruel.

英國 Peter Prosser & Sam Millard - 創意髮型 - 線上訊息 - 髮型文化雜誌

Westerosi delegation to England: Lady Aelora Targaryen. Heir to the Eyrie and the Vale.

Trenzas tribales

The more you practice the better you will handle this braid. The good news is though that braids look better if they are not neat and perfect. Zanita looks ice with this hairstyle and I think it is worth the h…


Backcomb a quiff, slick back hair and backcomb roots at the crown. Put in a ponytail and tightly backcomb this with a comb right inside the top of the pony. Finish with a headband/bandana for a rockabilly look. Team with winged eyeliner on the top lid.

Viking Braids: Beautiful Hairstyle of The Viking Queen -Need to learn how to do such lovely braids

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

Viking Braids: Beautiful Hairstyle of The Viking Queen. Would love to see my hair like this.