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20,000 children die daily from the effects of starvation. I wonder how many of them cry each day because they have no food?

Photographer Jill Greenberg's latest exhibition, "End Times," features children crying - like the child seen here in 'Shock.' The children are provoked by Greenberg taking away their candy or toys. This technique is known as "manipulation." (Jill Greenberg)

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Cute face even she's crying,get my heart sunk seeing innocent kid crying

Top 16 des portraits poignants d’enfants qui pleurent, par Jill Greenberg (on vous donne l’astuce)

Photographer Jill Greenberg whipped up a storm of controversy with her exhibition "End Times." She deliberately provoked tearful outbursts from children by taking away lollipops she had just given them. The lollipops were returned 30 seconds later, and these shots were the result.