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Yankee Lady - EAA air adveture Oshosh WI

"Miss Lace"

"Precious Metal"

B-25s from the 487th B.S. with classic Bill Mauldin noseart provided by 487th tail-gunner Hank Del Percio.

489th BS B25-J 43-27544 "Lady Luck"

"Balls Out" P-47 Thunderbolt Nose Art

B-29 Bomber "Little Gem" Airplane Nose Art

WWII Bomber Nose Art "Take-Off Time"

B-25 "Wolf Bait" Nose Art

Nose Art "Marines Dream"

Glamorous Gal is a P-51D Mustang. She was from the 335th squadron of the 4th Fighter Group of the Eighth Air Force stationed in England from 1942 to 1945. The 4th fighter Group was the first fighter group of the Eighth Air Force to penetrate German air space on the 28th of July 1943.

nose art from motoart

b29 noseart "rush order"

Nose Art

Any time - Noseart

Artist Don Allen with 'Blondie' - one of his most iconic aircraft pieces #noseart

"nose art" on an aircraft

"Glamerous Gal" P-51 Nose Art

United States' Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber, Moonshine Raiders


"Lady Boomerang" B-29 #noseart #B29

"Bommin Betty" Bomber Nose Art