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BlueChai Dried Butterfly Blue Pea Tea - photo BlueChaiTea-DriedButterflyPeaFlowers-BlueTeaFlower141_zps8387febc.jpg

Vanilla mulberry and #Bluechai butterfly pea flower cake. I'm so into butterfly pea tea. How pretty is the colour? I even made a cake with the tea #Repost @shokuiku

Lexalex: Beginner's Guide to Loose Leaf Tea:Reasons to avoid bagged tea-1) Paper tea bags contain pesticides-3) Some tea bags are chlorine-bleached-4) Most tea is not washed before put into tea bags-5) Tea bags alter the taste of your tea

Homemade BlueChai layer cake (made with butterfly pea flowers of course) with delicious Blueberries on top.

"This blue tea is more than just a tea, it is an experience!" Several hundred freshly dried butterfly pea flowers in a delicious combination with organic lemongrass.

With #Bluechai you can even make natural blue ice without any chemical food-coloring - this is 100% organic and natural. Simply infuse your popsicle with a few dried Bluechai flowers or even add them into the popsicle for the nice flowery effect freeze for a few hours and you're good to go!