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Dating Advice For Women

Wow I like how there are three horizontal buttons instead of two...the hanging beads compliment the jacket so it doesn't look plain. And the red finishes the outfit, it would look better black but red attracts attention to the gold then the solider in the uniform.

Get the Perfect Man's Haircut - The Classic Tapered Haircut

"For this style, the hair is tapered short around the sided and back and blended into about three inches of length on top. To achieve shine and separation, a styling cream is used. Like most classic tapered haircuts, this style could also be worn forward or even with more texture to create more casual, contemporary look."

We have a strong military trend comes with camouflaged prints, studs, stripes and military-style jackets with very strong, long coats or three quarters Hitler carved with large breasted, belted at the waist with wide belts, simple designs with soft fabrics and comfortable but emulating bodied official vestments

Project X British Military "Stealth" Rolexes

Have to say these custom Rolexes work for me. London’s Project X Designs delivers some “sub” takes on the Rolex Submariner models. Three Submariners mods are part of the series: the Mk III, Mk IV, and Mk V. “The Mk III pays homage to the Submariner worn by Sean Connery in the 1950s Bond movies; …