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    adorable babies with puppies | Cute Baby and Puppy Photos It makes my heart melt.

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    Adorable little boy...

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    This is BEYOND Love....“A newborn baby abandoned in a Kenyan forest was saved by a stray dog who apparently carried her across a busy road and through a barbed wire fence to a shed where the infant was discovered nestled with a litter of puppies.” CBS News covered this story as well.

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    you know you just got a tear in your eye cuz this is so damn adorable

    Stop it.

    Angels On My Pillow™ 'Classic Collection Wrapaboo™' Wing Shaped Baby Wrap


    So Sweet❤️

    Who needs smart devices when you have your best friend with you? Definitely the clever way #besmartenjoylife #kids #lick #radygo

    Why Dachshund Puppies Should Be Your New Favorite Puppies

    Puppy love Faye Mackson

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    How freaking adorable is this?: Animals, French Bulldogs, Best Friends, Sweet, Puppy, Baby, Kids, Frenchie, Photo

    Ridiculously cute nap time

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    Baby Aspen 'Hug a Lot Amus' Hooded Robe (Baby)