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My fav comment on this pic: A cheetah would never cheat on their significant other, but a Tiger Wood.

Community Post: The 25 Cutest Animal Kisses

Tiny, spotted Bliny...they take up residence in empty barnacles or any hard little hole that protects them. The have some of the cutest, funniest faces of any of the fish underwater...but they are very small, and very shy. By liquidkungdom. #Fish #Bliny

Excruciatingly Cute Picture Of A Little Baby Panda Waving His Tiny Panda Paw

A super cute panda cub aged 37 day born at a conservation centre in China’s Sichuan province has been pictured smiling, waving and high-fiving the world from its incubator. The photo was taken by Dr Katherine Feng, a qualified vet from Colorado, America.

I love dogs because they don't know the meaning of discrimination. An Orphaned Orangutan and a stray dog find find each other at a Zoo's Animal Treatment Center. Both were lonely and depressed. Now they are inseparable and best friends. Love is love :)