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    The Tasmanian Devil is the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world (Males weigh about 18lbs.) and is the iconic symbol of Tasmania. It was declared an endangered species by the Tasmanian government in 2008 due to the rapid decline in its numbers since the 90's from a nonviral, but transmissable facial cancer. #Tasmanian_Devil #Tasmania #smithsonianmag

    tasmanian devil

    Getting up close and personal with a baby wombat at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary in Tasmania's south. #wombat #tasmania #discovertasmania Image Credit: Ashley Averill

    Tasmanian devil

    The Quokka, known as 'the happiest animal in the world', is native to small islands off the coast of Western Australia. Elisa Detrez

    The Shoebill Stork is one of the worlds more endangered species and is actually considered one of the worlds ugliest animals next to the Wildebeest. People have clearly never delved deeply enough into the species of the sea to think this bird one of the ugliest animals on earth.

    Tasmanian Devil - Found mainly in Tasmania and along the southeastern coast of Australia. They are nocturnal, and usually eat birds, lizards. or scavenge the remains of dead animals they may come across. Tasmanian devils only get 3 to 4 feet in length. Sadly these animals are concidered endangered

    small endangered species We as care takers of this planet can not afford to loose these beautiful animals

    An 11 month old baby pangolin in Namibia. Little is known about this shy, endangered species.


    Dingo Puppy

    Endangered Pangolin >> wow, how cool!

    Tasmanian Devil baby!! So frickin' cute ♥

    Male Gelada. Photo by Clay Wilton.

    The World’s Largest Liger…Tigers Preserve in Myrtle Beach ♥'d it.

    Saiga Antelope .. this is not Photoshopped! Saiga Antelope is a Critically Endangered Specie.. With a very special face!

    Fast Fact Attack: Endangered Species No. 78 – The Togian Islands Babirusa - The inspiration for centuries of legends. #endangered


    Sleeping Koala Bear; my favorite animal since I was little. I still have Coolie, the little stuffed Koala I slept with for 10 years.

    A raging male silverback gorilla

    "A zookeeper brushes the back of a baird's tapir, an endangered species, inside her enclosure at the Preservation and Research Center in Yokohama, south of Tokyo October 25, 2010. The facility, which is located at the breeding zone of Yokohama Zoological Gardens, is closed to the public to allow selected endangered species to breed in the most suitable environments and to study the endangered animals, according to the center." REUTERS/Yuriko Nakao #tapir #endangered