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    • Hilda Rivera

      a cool breeze on a hot summer day

    • Scent Artisan

      @ScentArtisan | #ThePerfumeStudio | #FreshFloral blend No 6, MIDDLE Note, A #fresh blend that is part of the #Floral Perfume Family , #Sheer #White #Clean #Freshness, blowing in a #SummerBreeze. Include in your own #perfume to create a fresh & #Feminine #EauDeParfum. Ingredients include #Lily #Peony #Muguet, #Rose & #Jasmine. Check out to create your own perfume & learn about other blends

    • Judy Splawn

      view through lace curtains

    • Nikki Pullen

      Curtains blowing in a summer breeze. Open windows fresh air are perfect in a small town.

    • Julie Doornbos

      morning light, window, curtains

    • Allen Kihunde

      A cool breeze on a hot day

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    Dante Gabriel Rossetti - depicts the annunciation of the Virgin Mary. He used Christina's face here for Mary.

    Christina Rossetti by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

    Pre-Raphaelite ballads’ by William Morris, with many illustrations and decorative borders in black and white by H. M. O’Kane. Published 1900 by A. Wessel Co

    Dante Gabriel ROSSETTI, Poems (brother of Christina)

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    Christina Rossetti Poems with Illustrations by Florence Harrison. First edition. Publisher : London: Blackie and Son Limited [c. 1910]

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    "Goblin Market" by Sean Hare, via Flickr

    Christina Rossetti - Goblin Market - Golden head by golden head, Like two pigeons in one nest Folded in each other's wings, They lay down, in their curtained bed

    I'd like to find a larger version of this.

    Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Goblin Market, "She clipped a precious golden lock, She dropped a tear more rare than pearl..." Christina Rossetti

    The Rossetti family (from left to right, Christina, Maria, and Frances, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti), taken by Lewis Carroll

    Arthur Rackham, Goblin Market, "White and golden Lizzie stood, like a lily in a flood, like a rock of blue-veined stone washed by tides obstreperously, like a beacon left alone in a hoary roaring sea..." Christina Rossetti

    John Byam Liston Shaw, Goblin Market, one of 11 paintings based on Christina Rossetti's poetry

    An absolutely great read! www.createspace.c...

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    Goblin Market, Warwick Goble

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    Arthur Rackham, Goblin Market, "Laura turned cold as stone, To find her sister heard that cry alone, That goblin cry, 'Come buy our fruits, come buy.'" Christina Rossetti

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    Arthur Rackham, Goblin Market, "For there is no friend like a sister, In calm or stormy weather, To cheer one on the tedious way, To fetch one if one goes astray, To lift one if one totters down, To strengthen whilst one stands." Christina Rossetti

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