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Corazón blanco, corazón negro. Be the first to leave a review on Goodreads in Spanish.

Crystal Guidance: Crystal Tips and Prescriptions - Arthritis. Top Recommended Crystals: Malachite. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Apatite, Blue Lace Agate, Copper, or Rhodonite. Essential Oils: Chamomile, Lavender, or Rosemary Arthritis is associated with the Root chakra. Carrying your crystal with you or wearing it as a bracelet is the ideal way for the crystals to help with arthritis. You can also hold the crystal to the site of pain for 15-20 minutes a day as needed.

Great diagram on how to draw --Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen-- The very powerful and somewhat complex, Reiki Symbol for Distance Healing. This is one to learn for it expands your healing potential greatly. I was taught to use it for self healing as well, so you handle all layers of auric field and all soul aspects ❤tami

Our passion for fine jewelry is evident in everything we do.from Our passion for fine jewelry is evident in everything we do.

Amethyst, The February Birthstone

February babies, how much do you really know about your beautiful purple-hued birthstone? Discover more about the Amethyst on the blog:

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Healing - Power to restore biotic organisms to their optimal health.

Curación del Alma - Emisaria del Amor y la Paz.from Curación del Alma - Emisaria del Amor y la Paz.

El Gran Director Divino – El Cambio Continúa…

Rainbow Angel, by artist Endre Balogh ✣

The Bear is a symbol of power, strength and healing. The Bear is held in high respect by all, as it is beloved as an elder family member of the human race. Protection, Childbearing, Motherhood, , Discernment, Courage, Power,...

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Various Aspects of a Fruitful Job Search

self care. remembering to do something (no matter how big or small) on the daily to love myself. :o)

The road to Dracula : Transfagarasan (DN 7C) is the road that passes through the Fagaras Mountains (the highest mountains in Romania – Moldoveanu peak – 2544 meters) and that connects Walachia and Transylvania. But in fact Transfagarasan road is more than that, It is the road that climbs to the highest altitude in Romania, 2042 meters, in the Glacial Hollow Balea.

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Lesson Nine ~ Reiki Symbols

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen "Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen" aka "Distance Symbol". It means "Transcend Time and Space". this is the Distance Symbol. It is used to send Reiki to the past, present or future. It's useful for Healing karma. It directs energy to the mental body or conscious mind.

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Migration of populations vs. the individual

Heal This Once Great Nation