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f.r.i.e.n.d.s ... my all time favorite episode!!! Cry laughing every time!

bahaha. love this episode.. Ross: No! I barely even got to three Mississippi. Tanning Salon Guy: Mississippi? I said count to five. Ross: Mississippilessly?

I am the mayor of Friend Zone.

Ross doing his "watching tv" bit - this was always really hilarious to me as a child. Also realized that some remain pathetic even after adulthood.

Oh my gosh, just cried from laughing. This show is the BEST!

How it feels the first couple of times you leave your baby for a weekend ... (after a couple of times, though, you're less paranoid. obviously. haha)

throwing your friends under the bus...rule #1, make sure you weren't a part of the situation you are telling on them for so this doesn't happen. :) love this episode