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    Great discipline tool - Time-out "relax" bottles!

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    • Jane Flynn

      Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer Posted by crazyblessedlife ⋅ October 3, 2011⋅ 698 Comments Filed Under glitter bottle, glitter calm down bottle, glitter time out bottle, glitter time out timer, mind jar, relax bottle, Sensory activities, sensory kids, time out, time out timer, ways to help your child calm down

    • Shawna Bailes

      Calm down timer- my boys are a bit too old for timeouts, but this is an awesome idea to get kids to relax during timeouts!

    • Shawna McKay

      Relax bottle/ time out timer. Creative way to help your kid calm down. GREAT craft for kids...they are really cool...I don't know why you need glitter glue AND glitter AND glue though...pretty sure you could just use glue and glitter...

    • Lianne Kleiner

      Time out bottles..... cute idea, but I'm thinking my kids would get themselves into timeouts on purpose just to play with these.

    • Kara Marcum

      Relax bottle/ time out timer. Creative way to help your kid calm down. love this idea for when he gets a little older and can sit still for more than 2 seconds.

    • Sara Newlove

      We love the idea for 'Relax Bottles'! Fill with water, glitter glue, and glitter. When kids need time out, they watch the glitter settle to calm down.

    • Jackie Matney

      Relax bottle/ time out timer. Creative way to help your kid calm down. love this idea

    • Colleen Choi

      calming glitter bottles... great idea to help kids calm down when upset

    • Kellie Gravemann

      This is the best idea ever. calming bottles for kids!

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