Frost on chicken coop | Living the Country Life

Black Farmhouse In Winter

Watching the winter sheep with their thick coats, spring lambs and them in the summer with their sheared coats. Taste good too ☺️

Just goose-step... I mean, Chicken-stepping!

Beautiful snowfall...I wonder what the horse thinks of it? Doesn't seem to mind.

Sliding down the hen house ramp--Our girls do this every time it snows.

There is nothing like a #wild animals|

This is the most beautiful cow i have ever seen!! country living

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Tunis Sheep family. David Brown farm. bahhhhahaha

Baby alpaca ... cute cute cute!!! | Living the Country Life |

Country life

Wintering chickens | Living the Country Life |

Sunrise Via Living the country life.

Country Life for Chickens

A llama and her mama! | Living the Country Life |

These little piglets are 24 hours old. | Living the Country Life

living dangerously - love this!

Country life

Farm Life – 2010 Capture the Heart of America Photo Contest