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  • Kristie (YogaKooK) Killen

    A solar dehydrator, made of an old fridge, dries various fruit and herbs. Hmm, prob not a good idea in cloudy Western PA...

  • Laura Fisher

    New life for an old refrigerator that has been made into a solar powered food dehydrator! My landlord is giving me a dead minifridge to make one. I have no idea how to do this but it's going to be an ideal first project to learn how to make solar powered items.

  • Olga Schultz

    How To: Make A Food Dehydrator Here is a great video from the folks at This free tutorial outlines the steps for turning an old refrigerator or freezer into a food dehydrator. We love this idea! I have tried a few homemade solar dehydrators but they didn’t really work because of humidity. This appears to take care of that problem and prevents the purchase of a new dehydrator while keeping an old appliance out of the land fill.  See more at: ...

  • Donna Boyer

    Homesteading / Survivalism shared Canning, Preserving and Dehydrating Food'

  • Lou

    A solar dehydrator made out of an old refrigerator... We heard dehydrating is healthier and easier than canning or freezing.

  • Melissa Livermore

    Turn an old refrigerator into a solar food dehydrator

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Build a Solar the price of some of these things and sure makes cooking much faster when your herbs and things are preserved/dried!

Dehydrator would love to build this you could even attach this to a south facing window to use as heat assist in winter

Solar Food Dehydrator - a great way to preserve surplus fruit & veggies and extend your harvest throughout the year. If you're handy (or better still know someone who is ... I find food bribery works wonders!), this article provides details on how to make one. Could be a good shared or cooperative project. | The Micro Gardener

Solar Food Dryer. Offers more than 10 square feet of drying area and a 6 pound capacity per load. Designed and manufactured here in Oregon by Eben Fodor, expert food dryer and author of The Solar Food Dryer.

solar dehydrator - low cost - great results beats leaving things to dry in the solarium, that's for sure

How To Build a Solar Food Dehydrator Food dehydration is not a new concept. From raisins to prunes to jerky, food has been dried for storage and later consumption for years. Solar dehydration simply refers to using the sun’s energy to complete that process. If built correctly, a solar dehydrator will not need any electricity and will be able to dry foods in even the most humid climates.

This is too cool and it really wouldn't be too hard to build something similar.

Solarpowered DIY food dryer - RAW preservation is the max - check out this rocking tutorial site for makers of many categories

o.k. this is a do-it-yourself solar food dehydrator from Mother earth News and SunWorks. I am planning to order one and build it to try at the first hints of late spring warmth here in Houston. I have wanted to buy an electric one...but limited kitchen space is a big problem for me! This is a bigger, greener alternative!!!! Wish me luck!