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a solar dehydrator made out of an old refrigerator

Dehydrating Basics

Aluminium can solar collector. We built one for the chicken coop, now to build a larger one for the house.

How you can make your own Homemade or DIY solar food dryer? Here're 8 free Plans and Ideas for building best solar food dryer.

DIY Food Dehydrator

Dehydrator Recipe Roundup- 20 recipes that use your dehydrator for everything from cayenne beef jerky from a roast to sweet-tart dried kiwi to homemade yogurt! Preserve the harvest and provide healthy snacks at the same time!

Dehydrating food

How to collect birch sap. Birch sugar is the original "xylitol".

Solar Dehydrator plans and instructions - wonderful for sun-dried tomatoes, herbs, apple chips, banana chips, etc.

Solar Lantern Plug & Play Lantern/Phone Charger – Solar Products.me

Build a Solar Food Dehydrator—Easy, Inexpensive, Detailed Plans -By shtfprepardness on July 20, 2013

Gasifier -- trash to electricity

solar oven

Refrigeration Without Electricity. The project is a fresh foods preservation system that uses two clay pots. This system requires no electricity supply to preserve and prolong the storage life of perishable fresh food items.

Summer socks..? Solar dyeing

trash can smoker. I need to make this

Solar dehydrator

Building a Solar Dehydrator | Peak Prosperity

The Four Essential Parts of an off-grid solar power system and the basics of how it works

How to Make a Passive Solar Water Heater. Every morning, billions of photons are sent streaming from the sun toward Earth. When they strike a surface, the atoms get excited & begin to move faster, generating heat, or warming up. This is called thermal conduction & is the scientific principle behind the design of passive solar water heaters, which uses no moving parts or fuel. Following these directions you can build an inexpensive water heater that will heat water to 150 degrees.