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A new study by Nielsen and SocialGuide confirms the relationship between Twitter and TV ratings. In addition to analyzing Tweets about live TV, the study compared Twitter against a number of key variables in order to gauge the strength of the relationship of Twitter with ratings. #Twitter #TVRatings

"The Everyday Life of Today's Connected Consumer" from Cisco. This infographic sheds light on the evolving attitudes of Generation Y, who are forming an uneasy compromise with those monetizing their data in exchange for the applications and services they use each day. It also provides insight into how they blend their often very different personal and professional personas across more online media than ever.

Jeffrey Henning’s #MRX Top 10: Predicting Behavior using Text Analytics, Hashtags, and Snark

Adopt to the evolving B2B buying process, and the evolving tendencies of the B2B marketing buyer, by reading 'Lead Generation Tips & Techniques: The Changing B2B Buyer,' by Marketo. Within, you will discover the insight you need to leverage social media to build relationships with prospects - while finding access to top resources and guidance that will help close deals with the hottest sales leads more quickly.