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and thats just the fibro, throw RA on top of that, then throw in costochondritis for good measure. its a wonderful life.


No shit, rather have the flu, seriously. Longest flare lasted 2 months.

Beautiful words

People with Chronic pain & illness want you to know. The eye rolls always piss me off, like, yeah, I hurt too OR I'm tired/struggling/in pain & hurting too. You "normal people" can't have the slightest idea what I'm dealing with & I hope you never do.

The irritable Everything Syndrome!

FMS: Fibromyalgia -The irritable everything syndrome. Now discovered to be a central nervous system problem. Also effects the hypothalmus causing problems regulating body temperature feeling hot and cold inappropriately e.

Unless you have it or know someone who does, you probably can never know.

Fibromyalgia is known for its disabling symptoms of widespread chronic pain and fatigue. If you have Fibromyalgia, then you know how severe these symptoms can