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Todd Bader followed the 30 Day guide "BE A SEXY RAW VEGAN in 30 DAYS" and relearned Habits, like Planning, preparing and portability for a successful way to enjoy and flourish on a low fat high carb raw vegan diet!

Freelee lost 40lbs on a high carb raw vegan lifestyle. I have to say I'm more than a little inspired and the majority of my food today came from raw fruits and nuts. I see a change coming on.

Awesome progress with eating just fruits and vegetables on a high carb low fat vegan diet!

TOP RAW VEGAN SMOOTHIE RECIPES: If you ask me my first tip to start a raw vegan diet, I'd say: DRINK A GREEN SMOOTHIE AS YOUR BREAKFAST. That's the reason I'm releasing now a very cool list of the Top 25 Raw Vegan Smoothie Recipes that we found. Hope you enjoy the list as much as we enjoyed making it. Thank you to all the bloggers who created all those rawesome recipes! Love you all! :)

How to START the RAW FOOD DIET. Raw food transitional tips. How to go raw food vegan. If you want to go raw vegan then follow my transition tips. A high carb raw vegan, 80/10/10 lifestyle is ALL about getting enough carbohydrates. Freelee from 30 bananas a day shows you how to go from animal-eater to plant-eater. My ebook http://www.30bananasada...

The difference in aging between people who eat the Standard American Diet (or other less-than-great diets) and people who eat a Raw Food Diet.

In ONE YEAR, transformed his world! Mariline Paul - Switching to a Low Fat, RAW vegan diet is good for the planet, good for animals and good for your health.

All is possible, start today the right way with a Sexy Raw Vegan Diet, Get Some like SRV Patrick ♥ ♥

vegan diet information by Kayla Bryer #vegan #health #diet

HIGH CARB VEGAN BEFORE & AFTER ALISHA JONES. Before: Sad Eater and After: High Carb Vegan. This is my success from eating mostly fruits, steamed rice and potatoes, i am hoping to go raw soon, i lost about 45 pounds in about 4 months, and have been maintaining my weight since.

Mango Steen Pics of my transformation from eating a standard diet of animal products to a raw vegan diet with lots of high carb RAW fruits n veggies :) Yupp, that's me... cant even believe it myself. I lost around 15 kilos (30 lbs). And gained great Health and a clear conscience.

Cinnamon Banana Bread Squares – Raw Vegan Recipe W/ Almond Milk Pulp (and Food Journal)

Amazing high carb vegan transformation with the gorgeous banana girl Alexandra Rose ! --> "Vegan for 9 months ... 50 % RAW, 50 % cooked, but always low-fat plant based meals. NO exception . I feel amazing and I couldn't even imagine going back to my previous life-style. Proud, happy and finally at peace :)" via Freelee Frugivore

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