Instagram post by #BossBabe

Instagram post by #BossBabe

Half the people that insult me I don't care about their opinion, so It's okay what they have to say. Everyone has an "opinion"

Her walk is like a shot of whiskey

her walk is like a shot of whisky neat and strong and full of purpose. and so many underestimate her punch


GIRLBOSS QUOTE: Focus on the positive things in your life, and you'll be shocked at how many more positive things start happening. // Girlboss wisdom from Sophia Amoruso

Prove to them

Show yourself your results! At the end of the day, its about whether or not you can lay your head down at night, happy with who you are!

God hides blessings in the small places. You have to be aware of them to find them.

A beautiful starts with a beautiful mindset. Time appreciating is time worth living. Privilege to be alive and healthy. Treat life like a blessing so it can become one.

Lessons Learned in Life | To encourage you to keep going. To remind you to be strong. Lessons Learned In Life® Copyright © 2013™ | Page 5:

Be confident in your intentions and keep your eyes ahead instead of wasting your time on those who want to drag you back.

Realize your worth! #selfconfidence #selflove #selfworth #selfcare

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If it's a daily motivational quote from a book, or a song, or maybe a parcel of art, we'd like to hear your ideas and feelings. That specific Wiz Khal.

Top 20 Famous Movies Quotes #quote

Top 20 Famous Movies Quotes

It's not to say those people don't matter, but they shouldn't have control of your mind& emotions. -- so true.I'm sure they don't think about me as much as I find myself thinking about them.