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If you've been thinking about starting a business online so you can travel more, a self hosted blog is the ideal first step. Here's a video tutorial showing you how to easily set up your own self hosted WordPress blog in just 10 minutes + there's a great discount there for you to use (you can run a fully customised, monetized blog for as little as $3.95 per month). Click on this image to grab the discount and follow the steps to start your own blog >>

5 Steps To Making Money Blogging

Do you want to start making money blogging, but aren't sure where to start? Follow these five simple steps to get you and your blog ready for monetization. | How To Make Money Blogging

How to Start a Blog: A Step-By-Step Guide

Making Extra Money Online: How To Start A Blog

If making extra money online it something you are interested then find out how you can start your own blog. Follow these 5 simple steps to start your blog and begin to make money online.

How to Start a Blog Today

Have you ever thought about starting a blog? Did you know you can make good money blogging? If you have, read this post today and find out how to start a money making blog with step-by-step directions.

How and Where to Start a Blog and Get Making Money From Home!

Would you like to make money from home? If you would love the chance to make real money (thousands!) working at home, consider starting a blog. This simple step-by-step tutorial with photos shows you how and where to start a blog on the cheap using Bluehost and WordPress. As a successful blogger, I am happy to share these blogging for beginners’ tips so that you can have your blog up and running in minutes and making money while sharing your passion with the world.

How to Overcome Your Fears of Starting a Blog + Free Worksheet (Painted Summers)

There is no "right way" to start. What's important is that you START. Period. Don't let your fears hold you back!

How To Start A Blog - Tips for a Beginner

How To Start A Blog – Tips for a Beginner. There are several positives of starting your very own blog. Two reasons are that a blog can drastically change your life, and that it is very CHEAP to start one.