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If you've been thinking about starting a business online so you can travel more, a self hosted blog is the ideal first step. Here's a video tutorial showing you how to easily set up your own self hosted WordPress blog in just 10 minutes + there's a great discount there for you to use (you can run a fully customised, monetized blog for as little as $3.95 per month). Click on this image to grab the discount and follow the steps to start your own blog >>

The Best Cities in the World for Digital Nomads

The best up and coming cities for Digital Nomads. #Travel #DigitalNomad #RemoteWork #SoloTravel #SoloFemaleTravel

Travel Jobs: How To Sell Digital Information Products (And Earn Well)

Ok, I'm getting onto this course creation thing! | Are you a traveler looking for online travel jobs? Within this in depth guide you'll learn how to create & sell your own digital information products & build a successful online business you can run from anywhere. Click through to read now...

How to Create a Custom Travel Map with Google Maps {New Google My Maps Tutorial}

SUPER helpful tutorial to create a Custom Travel Map with Google Maps. A MUST have if you've got a vacation coming up!

How Carille Traveled To 46 Countries Without A Normal 9-5 Income

Carille Guthrie is just 3 tickets away from reaching her goal of visiting 49 countries (1/4 of the worlds independent countries)! Here she tells us what inspired her to travel & how she did it without a normal 9-5 income. Click through to read now...

Our Royal London Tour with City Wonders

Our Royal London Tour with City Wonders. Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to win a prize, through Two Monkeys Travel Forum, of two complimentary tickets to the ‘Best of Royal London Tour’ provided by City Wonders.

5 Common Mistakes Travellers Make And How To Avoid Them

Don't screw up like we have when you travel! Here I share 5 BIG mistakes travellers make and my tips for how to avoid doing the same! This is VERY worth reading if you are about to start travelling.

Interview: Couple From Luxury Travel Blog No Destinations Reveal How They Travel Full Time

How do travel bloggers make money and do all this travelling????? What's their secret? What are they doing? This interview explains a lot... We had a lovely little chat with the nomadic couple from No Destinations and they revealed how they travel together full time. CHECK. THIS. OUT...

How I Moved Abroad and Fulfilled My Dreams

One day I decided I had to do something differently. A few months later I found myself and my life in two suitcases in a country I had never been to.