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Frozen Told Through Facebook from Team Pwnicorn

Frozen Told Through Facebook

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha this MADE MY DAY! When Oaken goes Yoohoo at the foot comment, I laughed so hard that I almost peed!

And do you really want to end up looking like this?

20 Reasons You Should Never Take A Selfie In Public

"Come on squidward you have to use your immaaagion natioonn!!" *makes a rainbow* (were playing in a box and squidward didn't "believe").

"Come on squidward you have to use your immaaagion natioonn!" *makes a rainbow* (scene: spongebob & Patrick were playing in a box with squid ward watching them)

Three things to buy to freak out the Walmart cashier

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Wanna play a game in Walmart?--The Walmart Game: You can only buy 3 items. What do you buy to freak the cashier out the most?

Cartoon doppelgangers. Mr. Incredible got me the most.. wow.

Cartoon doppelgangers.

Funny pictures about So they exist in real life. Oh, and cool pics about So they exist in real life. Also, So they exist in real life.

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14 Family Feud Answers That Caused Steve Harvey To Lose Faith In Humanity. Survey says.we're doomed. I love Steve Harvey so much

This was happening in England last summer. When there's a bumper crop of spiders, all the Internet spider-phobes raise their nope-scopes.  Just remember, the spiders would not be there, if there wasn't something to eat.  Same goes for the ones you find in the house too.

This Farm Should Not Exist

The nope farm in the state of nope of the country of nope on the planet nope