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You'd have to be irrational to not celebrate Pi Day! Especially when there is real pie involved. So check out these π-fect jokes, and celebrate every year. Because Pi Day is infinite.

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20 Spectacularly Nerdy Math Jokes - If I ever find a guy who says this to me, I'll date him, no questions asked.


Pi Day

So, March every year is Pi day. As in π not pie the delicious yummy treat. So, all the math geeks get their own day! But, March in the year 2015 will be super uber cool.

my kids and I laugh every time we read this!

Even though I play the piano, and I am NOT a big nerd (although some of my friends would say different), this is HILARIOUS!

sounds just like my physics teacher.

Pretty much spot on. This is how I felt in math class in high school. So glad I went to college and found teachers who could teach math.

Just get the first car of your life? Do you really know the meaning of those car dashboard warning lights? Here're some funny definitions.

Ha! Krebs cycle - does anyone else still remember this entire cycle from nutrition days at Mississippi state??

This tickles my Molecular Biology funny bone. Sad thing is, I used to know every single component of the Kreb's Cycle.

Med generatorn för ursäkter du alltid en nödlögn i bakfickan http://blish.se/5767a9f35d #vitalögner #lögngenerator #humor

The excuse creator. "Sorry I'm late, a British chap crapped in my gas tank"

muahaha :) Pluto was my favorite....Jerks.

Dear Nasa, your mom thought I was big enough. -Pluto (how hard is it to spell sincerely)

mexican problems | Mexican Problems

LSHMSFOAIDMT = Laughing so hard my sombrero falls off and I drop my taco. You can't make this stuff up.

Maybe I'll try this in my astronomy class..... Maybe not.

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Teacher's comment on student's paper. Why are there rings on Saturn? Because God liked it, so he put a ring on it. "Saturn was NOT a single lady"!

Funny pictures about Messing with an English major. Oh, and cool pics about Messing with an English major. Also, Messing with an English major.

Science nerd humor....

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Glass half full or half empty? Technically the glass I always full.