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A black vodka from one of Poland's most famous vodka producers. With the individual taste of Debowa vodka infusion with coffee, chocolate and cinnamon. Best served cold and neat.

Famous Polish slivovitz - Sliwowica Lacka - a technically illegal plum brandy from the Lacko region, famed for its taste and strength - 70% (140 proof) or more.

Sampling Vodka (Poland). 'For most Poles, the day-to-day tipple of choice is beer. But when it comes time to celebrate, someone’s bound to break out the vodka. And once that bottle is on the table, no one leaves until the bottle is finished. Poles make some of the world’s best versions of the stuff, and are not afraid to experiment. Proof of this: Żubrówka (‘bison vodka’) is flavoured with grass from the Białowieża Forest on which bison feed.'