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Cute baby seals.... Baby seals?! Baby SEALS?! Who wrote this caption before me?!? These are OTTERS! What seals do you know with 4 paws and claws?! I don't even think these are full on babies, they might just be regular ol' otters! Oh my god, Pinterest...

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Baby otter!


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BuzzFeed Communityfrom BuzzFeed Community

Community Post: Only You Can Help Name This Adorable Baby Otter

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This is her significant otter…


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PHOTOS: Painfully Cute Baby Otters

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Awww baby elephant <3

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Seals! look at this cutie pie!

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Monterey Bay Aquarium: Otter

Pj S

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Drop everything. This is a baby kangaroo in pajamas. Awwww

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Bless this food: An otter clasps his hands together and closes his eyes in the Bois du Petit animal park in Switzerland before settling down for a fishy treat. Even Otters Pray. #Prayer #Religion #3DLaserLand #Gifts #Humor #Present

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Otters are literally one of the cutest wild animals ever!

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So cute!!! He has an ahbee/paci! @Jill Meyers Keirstead McGovern @ Tina Eye you two will get this!!

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cutest cat ever!!!

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Cute otter!