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Jan Rose: The Knitting Craftsman. Pictured is outdoor ottoman/ seat knitted on custom-built loom from steel mesh tubular material; hanging structures made from webbed seatbelt material, et al.

greatforesttrees: The Velocipede Special spatterdashes, in progress (by Chronographia von Strangehours)

oh my bear by Tiny Owls Magic Attic {pattern} - without the hood, it's a bit much

Superhero Girl - add a baby, a preschooler, a computer, an office, a work commute and at least one basket of laundry. Yes, some days I feel like this.

Artist, Ivano Vitali, knits and crochets using yarn made from strips of found materials, such as newspapers and phone books, with no glue, coloring, or water added.

Really?? Are you kidding? Is it just me or does this thing look like a. . . .

Knitted by industrial knitting machine. These pieces were inspired by old hand grounded crystal dishes.

No. Put the knitting needles DOWN. You have lost your right to knit. BY Tracy Widdess

Ingrid Bergman actually looks like she's getting something done here! Time for tea: Knitting glamorous

Crochet a Cord - photo tutorial with English directions by Lebenlustiger