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1960's - Children's rubber boots

We would wear these with shoes inside them. And in snow we would wear bread bags over the shoes but inside the boots! We had a boot room to remove the boots before entering school. It was a busy place in the winter time.

Welches jelly Glass

Flintstone Jelly Jar Glasses - and there was a picture of one of the characters on the bottom of the glass, too!

platex nurser ca1970

old playtex baby bottle, used it for my firstborn with plastic bags inside, was really nice. Didn't need to hold the bottle up side down cause the baby would suck a vacuüm anyway.

Remember "Baton Twirling?" you would practice and practice... quite often you would drop it on your foot, or on the ground; if you threw it in the air and missed catching it, it would either hit the ground or your face.:-)

I took baton lessons as a young girl and even twirled my baton in our local parade! My mom made my outfit too! I still have my baton just like in the pic !

Baby doll pyjamas - 1957 This is funny not only because of the pajamas but the pattern sells for fifty cents

We always wore Baby Doll Pajamas in the summertime. Loved my baby doll pj's :)

Remember saving and drying the wishbone and then making a wish before breaking it. The one who got the larger piece would get their wish. #DoYouRemember #retro #memories

Remember saving and drying the wishbone at Thanksgiving and then making a wish before breaking it? The one who got the larger piece would get their wish. Well, actually, the Wishbone Fairy always gave both of us our wishes.

Yep but I got it in the 60s

Polio sugar cube vaccine We lined up outside the local junior high; and parents and children alike ate their cube of sugar containing life-saving vaccine.

♡ Remember these rubber boots~such a hard time pulling them over your shoe's ♡

I had a pair of these red rubber boots. I remember stepping on a nail while wearing them. I didn't have on shoes either.