breakfast station with microwave, espresso machine, warming drawer and stacked cabinetry

All-Inclusive Drink Station Not these cabinets, etc., but the idea of refrigerator drawers, microwave all in one spot

Kitchen cabinet for storage of pots and pans. Nice organization for what would normally create a pile of pans in your cabinets. From Better Homes & Gardens

LIke the idea of a coffee station . . .

Great idea. ventilated drawer to store non-refrigerated foods (tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, onions)

Divide Your Drawer Space

Don’t let garbage cans take away from the feel of your kitchen!

Coffee Countertop Niche

coffee station and microwave

Drawers that keep things warm.

Vertical Beverage Station

Modern Drink Station

cabinetry, prep sink

Modern Conveniences Cabinetry panels hide modern appliances to further the room's the old-fashioned aesthetic. Here, a breakfast station corrals small appliances to reduce countertop clutter and ease morning routines. Refrigerator drawers beneath the breakfast station provide additional storage for food and easy access for guests.

veranda interiors| microwave in the pantry | open shelving, drawers, wood counters

Coffee station

Who is the genius that invented this microwave drawer & where can I find them? We need to be friends.

everything in its right place! sliding, double stacked kitchen drawer organizers. Nifty!

Banquettes are perfect for cramped dining spaces:

This gorgeous chandelier does a lot to add glamour to this breakfast nook:

This 3 can trash drawer to separate compost, recyclables, trash is even better bc it has a compost one! This drawer with the pull out cutting board with the hole to go over the compost one!!