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Pennsylvania Dutch Hot Bacon Dressing

This Pennsylvania Dutch Hot Bacon Dressing is to die for on bitter greens, baby greens, or broccoli raab. Savory, sweet, and tart.

Copy Cat Recipe – Hooters Fried Pickles

Homemade Copy Cat Outback Steak House Ranch Dressing! Our prayers have been answered. Now you can make this delicious dressing at home!

Bacon Pea Salad

Easy Bacon Pea Salad with Cheddar Cheese - I've had pea salad before and like this... this one wasn't very flavorful and pretty bland. I'm not sure what would have made it better but I won't be making this recipe again (av)

Bacon tomato cucumber salad

Bacon, Tomato and Cucumber Salad by simplyhealthyhome: Like a BLT without the bread. #Salad #BLT #Cucumber

Pennsylvania Dutch Baked Corn Pudding - A traditional recipe, a must for the Thanksgiving dinner in the Amish or Mennonite home.

Tomatillo Salsa with Avocado | Salsa Verde Cruda con Aguacate

Tomatillo Salsa Recipe (The kind of tart, creamy, slightly soupy salsa verde that you find in Mexico City’s incredible taquerias. Incredible with carnitas, barbacoa, or just about any other type of taco.)