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Healthy and nutritious! This shakeologies recipe is delicious and easy to make.

Keep it SIMPLE is the name of the game! Don't focus on the big picture, just focus on what you need to do right now today to be successful in tackling today.

Let me coach you! Need to loose weight? Tone up? Or just stay healthy and active! Joint me in my Free monthly challenge group! All that is required is a beach body program, your choice! If you have one on the shelf at home, get it out and dusted off! You will get: daily motivation healthy recipes accountability one on one coaching and team support! You are worth it! Contact me for more details! Beach body coach: chriscarbonaro Coach # 339205

Looking for a healthy meal? Try Shakeology with this kit or $5 per sample packet. We believe in this product so much that beach body offers a 100 percent money back guarantee if you order the 30 day supply bag and are not satisfied. Contact me for more details!

All about PiYo!!- PiYo is workout that combines Pilates and Yoga together that results with shaping your body without hard impact on your joints!

Girls you HAVE to rest. Read the signs that your body gives you. If you do not rest or do enough recovery training, your muscles will become tired, tight, remain fatigued and may damage. As the muscles recover less over time, the build up of stress on joints, tendons and ligaments will significantly increase....You can read my full post of resting here

Love a little slothfulness. Your muscles need it.

It's that time ⏰ again! I have some extra Shakeology and will be sending out samples on a first come, first serve basis. If you are interested in trying it, email me at