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Secretary Bird (Sagittarius serpentarius) is a large dove-gray colored bird of prey that is endemic to Africa. It has long legs, wings and a tail and stands three feet high. The odd thing about the Secretary is that it can’t run and instead hops along op

Bristly Parva (Discodorididae Jorunna) by Yawzer: The 'sea bunny's' ears are actually rhinophores, chemosensory structures which detect chemicals dissolved in the ocean (the fine structure and hairs maximizing the surface area for chemical detection) which help Jorunna find food and find mates by detecting odors. #Nudibranch

Baby Barn Owl by Dysartian: The Barn Owl does not hoot (such calls are made by typical owls, like the Tawny Owl or other Strix), but instead produces a characteristic shree scream, ear-shattering at close range. Nestlings are covered in white down all over, but the characteristic heart-shaped facial disk is visible soon after hatching. #Barn_Owl