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How to click photos for your blog using your iPhone camera

Did you know you can take high quality stock photos for your blog using your iPhone? Its easy , quick and doesn't cost you anything! Click here to learn more about how to shoot amazing pictures for your business using your iPhone! >>

Click the link for the full head-to-head test of the best online print labs. Interesting that the cheapest lab also had the best quality!

Resolution - Print Size Chart The numbers on the chart stand for dots per inch (dpi) they say the human eye does not see much beyond 96 dpi, that should give you a good example of what will work to make a good quality print.

10 Sites That Will Pay You For Stock Photography

Do you take pretty good pictures? If so, would you love to be able to get paid -- or even earn a full-time income -- from selling them? This post has a list of ten very reputable websites that may accept and pay cash for your high-quality photos, plus som

fanqirlingwbu:I love this photo bc you can see the lights in the lens and yaa this is my old camera and its what all of my most famous tumblr photos were taken on aw c:Quality ig // jordywut

30 Kick-ass Websites To Find Free High Quality Stock Photos

30+ Websites To Find High Quality Free Stock Photos

20 Places For Free Stock Photos

Hey! Have you ever wondered how other bloggers get high-quality photos for their blogs? If so, you are in the right place! n my latest post, I share 20 ROCKSTAR places online that have free high-quality photos that you can use for your blog and/or biz!