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Explore Windows Bushes, Crime Prevention Tips, and more!

"Good crime prevention tips are in this video. Do not plant bushes in front of windows. Bushes give criminals a place to hide. Keep all windows clear of bushes and trees".

Do you know your Neighbors?

Three fantastic tips on how to introduce yourself to your neighbors even if you lived in the same place for while! This post tells you actions you can take today to grow the sense of community in your neighborhood.

5 tips to stay safe on public Wi-Fi

Are you leaking your passwords, account numbers and personal info to hackers when you use public Wi-Fi? Here's a list of solid tips on keeping your data safe.

Are You Helping Thieves? was a VPD crime prevention campaign aiming to education the public about simple ways to prevent crime using tongue-in-cheek examples of what not to do.

Over time, people with #Alzheimer's disease become less able to manage around the house. Here are over 20 ways to make your home a safer place for a loved one with dementia. #caregivers

3 tips to help keep your home safe from burglars