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Sheep in a Shop - A Book for Teaching Kids about Money

As a mother duck leads her ducklings home, one dawdles and gets left behind. Luckily, a friend is there to help the little duckling get back to his nest in time for bed.

"Orange Pear Apple Bear" By: Emily Gravett

Grandmother's Pigeon - A tale about a quirky grandmother who unexpectedly sails away from her family, leaving behind warm memories and her room's few belongings -- including her collection of birds' nests. One year after Grandmother's departure, three eggs in one of the nests miraculously begin to hatch and out pops a breed of passenger pigeon long thought to be extinct. (Author is tribally enrolled in the Turtle Band of Chippewa)

Introduce Kids to Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai

Lessons about Wangari Maathai: first African+woman+environmentalist to win Nobel Peace Prize. Her org has planted more than 40 MILLION trees across Kenya- one person CAN make a difference!

The Everything Kids' Environment Book