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The Algea are Greek Goddesses of Suffering. They are daughters of Eris, the Goddess of Strife. The Algea are referred to as being ”full of weeping,” and they governed suffering of both body and mind. They are named Akhos (“distress”), Ania (“grief”), and Lupe (“pain”). This is Akhos, the Goddess of Distress. #myth

Vincent van Gogh. "Weeping Woman," 1883. Black and white chalk, with brush and stumping, brush and black and grey wash, and traces of graphite, over a brush and brown ink underdrawing on ivory wove paper. Art Institute of Chicago.

Geoffrey stood in front of his brother's grave before finally collapsing and weeping. I went to approach, but Xan shook his head. "He needs to be alone."


Man Rides a Sleigh Carrying Tourists in Park on a Bank of Moskva River at Outskirts of Moscow

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