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Anny-Yolande Horowitz, born on June 2, 1933 in Strasbourg. Her mother Frieda, and her sister Paulette, age 7, were deported on Sept. 11, 1942 to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

in the early 1950s programs were started to issue dog-tags to children. There was concern that in the event of a surprise atomic attack it would be difficult to identify the millions of children killed while at school. The program was started in North Carolina, but never went national (a shame). In the early 1950s, every NYC schoolkid from kindergarten to 4th grade was issued a tag.

A Dutch woman who survived the "Hongerwinter" the Hunger Winter of 1944-45 when the occupied Netherlands was denied any food or fuel by the Germans.

Colonel Claus Philipp Maria Graf Von Stauffenberg. A leading conspirator in the 20th July Bomb Plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler at his Field HQ "Wolfschanze" in East Prussia. The coup failed and Stauffenberg and some of his fellow conspirators were executed in the courtyard of the Bendlerbock in Berlin Mitte in the early hours of 21st July 1944.

Las Trece Rosas (« les treize roses » en français) un groupe de treize jeunes filles, fusillées le 5 août 1939 par le régime franquiste à Madrid. Suite à la fin de la guerre d'Espagne, qui s'achève le 1er avril de la même année, et à l'entrée des troupes nationalistes dans Madrid, une terrible répression s'abat sur les vaincus.

This was how Jews where pointed out for being Jewish. Germany's made them wear a yellow Star of David to point out the Jews that lived there. Jews had wear them everywhere they went. They were not allowed to leave their house without it on. If Jews were found outside of the house without the star on the were putt in jail and sometimes killed.

A young German soldier (pictured center left, without helmet) refuses to participate in the execution of 16 Yugoslav civilians. He positioned himself within the group and was executed for disobeying his NCO. He choose death instead of killing hopeless civilians. Josef Schulz, 1941.