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HoliDrink is now available for purchase at MoonPennies Cafe, 1102 West Pender St Vancouver.

HoliDrink is now also available via Meinhardt Fine Foods at 609 Granville Street, downtown Vancouver.

You can also buy HoliDrink at C.C Violin Patisserie & Café at 1564 Marine Dr, West Vancouver.

You now also able to purchase HoliDrink at North Shore Table Tennis Club, at 1110 Gladwin Dr, North Vancouver.

We are pleased that HoliDrink is now available at Vancouver Table Tennis Club at 3925 Fraser St, Vancouver. It seems Holi EH (Extra Holi, aka the spicy ginger one) is very popular among the sport people there.

Happy Canada Day eveyone. We are also pleased to announce that we shall start small batch production of HoliDrink from a commercial kitchen in Vancouver, starting from July 1st 2016 (Canada Day). If you wish to order, please contact us. Cheers.

Just launched a crowdfunding campaign, please support us and spread the words, so more people can benefit from HoliDrink. Thank you. For details, please go to

Holi EH (Extra Holi), boosts your immune system, gives you extra punch to fight cold. Drink it daily. Serve it hot or cold, equally tasty and beneficial to your health.

It is ok to drink HoliDrink and play table tennis at the same time.

HoliDrink, the Original Flavour.