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Lawmakers Demand Answers on Operation Choke Point

OPERATION CHOKE POINT -- Republican Lawmakers Demand Answers From Justice Department on Operation Choke Point - 10/16/14 - Thirty members of Congress demanded today that the Department of Justice launch an “immediate investigation” into the agency’s own Operation Choke Point and those involved in creating and implementing the initiative against enterprises that are out of favor with the Obama administration... 2 of 2

Operation Choke Point - The investigation that Justice Department officials have dubbed "Operation Choke Point" was first disclosed in March 2013. Its effects have been felt by banks, payment processors and companies that make short-term consumer loans over the Internet, with some industry officials arguing that at least some of the affected online lenders are legitimate businesses. Here is a look at key milestones of the investigation.

Exclusive: FDIC Changes Tactics in Response to Operation Choke Point

heads still need to roll on this one - FDIC Changes Tactics in Response to Operation Choke Point

Florida: New 9/11 records suggest FBI cover up on Sarasota Saudis

Rep. Massie speaks at Press Conference Regarding Documents What is the govt hiding from us? Recently missing pages were released about involvement with Saudi Arabia re: Rep.Massie believe American public has a right to know

The Plague of Racism on Both Sides -- and the Violence Pandemic i think its mostly on the left but this is a good article.