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from Teachers Pay Teachers

Trash Talkers: Growth Mindset and Building Positive Self-Talk for Confidence

Armoring children with positive self-talk strategies is important in improving mood, self-esteem, and friendships. These activities help identify the difference between negative (trash) and positive (treasure) talk. They introduce the idea and practice of

This is actually the result of a social psychology study, if you hang with achievers, or people with positive attitudes you tend to achieve more and be more positive, if you hang with people stuck in a rut and negative that too will rub off....

roken Promises is a workbook to help kids cope with a parent who isn’t always there for them. Through therapeutic art and writing exercises, kids can get their feelings out, learn how to deal with those feelings in appropriate ways, and build their self-esteem. Designed for kids aged six to 12, this workbook is meant to be used as a counseling tool to foster healthy coping strategies and a positive self-image.

from Melinda Means

why is confrontation good for our kids

Why do we ignore or try to wish away behavior problems with our kids? What does confrontation really look like? Read here for encouragement to tackle those things that really matter now....and later!