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Study of lemons. I love painting portraits, but I also have a thing for fruit. Each lemon is like a little portrait! #art #oilpainting #oiloncanvas

i thought tumblr’s spooky selfie filter was rly cute!! also that piper/will would be all over it (ft. their dorky boyfriends)

Ok, now here is some food art I think I could actually create myself. It's hilarious that simply adding a few pieces of ham, some olives and cucumbers can transform a boring bowl of chicken salad into the image of a pig. It's almost too cute to eat, but I'm sure I would eat it anyway because it also looks very appetizing.

Carol Rossetti art <<and the opposite is also true: just because you are skinny doesn't mean people should automatically think you have an eating disorder

The blue jay is a strikingly beautiful, 11- to 12 1/2-inch bird, among the most familiar birds of North America. The bird’s call is a defiant jay-jay, often sounded in a discordant chorus with other jays, setting up a commotion if an enemy is spotted. Blue jays also mimic other birdcalls.