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Romanov Tsars that ended with the Revolution and murder of Nicholas II and his family..

Portrait of Tsar Michael Fyodorovich Romanov of Russia

Tsar Alexander III, father of Tsar Nicholas II

Tsar Alexander II of Russia. Father to Tsar Alexander III and grandfather to Tsar Nicholas II

Last Russian Imperial family I have always had a fascination with the Tsar of Russia. Such a beautiful and at one time happy family.

I am very interested in the Grand duke Nicholas Constatinovich of Russia (1850-1918)

Emperor of Russia-On August 12, 1904, Nicholas' wife bore him their fifth child, a son, Alexei, who became Tsarevich (heir apparent). Unfortunately, the young child was afflicted with hemophilia, a disorder that prevented his blood from clotting properly. The gene was reportedly carried by Nicholas' wife, Alexandra, who had received it from Queen Victoria. Nicholas did not reveal that his son carried the illness to the public for fear of further weakening his royal house's influence in Russia.

The orb and scepter of Tsar Alexey I Romanov, Tsar of all Russia and father of Peter I The Great, Tsarevna Sophia, Tsar Ivan, and Tsar Feodor. All his children died between the ages of 20 and 45.

The first Tsar from The Romanov family, Mikhail-Michael I Feodorovich (1596-1645), was a grandson of brother of the 1st wife of Ivan IV The Terrible. Her name was Anastasa Yurieva-Zakharyina. The surname 'Romanov' under which she entered the history came from the name of her father, Roman. In Russian suffix 'ov' (RomanOV) means the blood-root and belonging of a child/family to the founder of the dynasty. So Romanov mean 'children of Roman'.

Emperor Alexander III (1845 – 1894) of Russia with his son Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich. #Russian #history #Romanov