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By smell good, I mean cologne. You can be clean and all, but I want to smell you when you leave. In a good way, of course!

Oh my word! Yes!! I've only had one hug like this and it's the most wonderful feeling! It was with the person I care so much about. He gave me this's so gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside kinda like butterflies.....I wish I could have more hugs like that.

Wir malen uns die Welt in "kuntergraudunkelbunt".

from Etsy

Dress Up Never Ends-Kate Spade-8x10-4 Color Options-Custom Colors Available

words of wisdom lol

Never needed anyone, still getting use to having a good man who takes care of me, and everything else

You have to if your hair is curly!!!

I'm figuring it out as I go, doing my best, just as you are. Just because we have walked different paths does not make us separate. Like it or not we're All in this together, all destined to the same end. Life is too short. Spend your time creating & discovering yourself, not judging others' attempts to do the same.